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Top 5 tips to look prevent yourself getting sick this winter

This article is written by Sachithri Kodagoda

We’ve said goodbye to our wonderful warm autumn and unfortunately welcomed Sydney’s version of winter. While the idea of snuggling up in bed with some soothing scented candles, lots of soft warm blanket and good old Netflix show are quite romantic, the reality of the sunless, rainy days is quite bleak, especially if you get a nasty cold. And let’s be honest, if you get sick during the start of winter do you ever really get better? Here are 5 tips to look after yourself to prevent yourself from falling sick this winter.


Stay hydrated and eat a healthy diet

It is so tempting to indulge yourself in bowls carbs and cheese night after night with a nice cup of hot chocolate to lift your spirits during this dreary season, but your body and immune system will thank you if you stick to the vegetables, protein and fruit during the cold months. Salad truly sounds like a nightmare even more so in winter so why not try a bowl of delicious vegetable soup and some Asian inspired greens recipes. Also, it’s easy to forget to drink water when it gets colder so remember to keep track of your hydration, as hydration helps ease muscle soreness, back stiffness and overall keeps everything running smoothly.


Keep moving

Ever heard the say “Summer bodies are made in the winter”. Well while this little platitude may or may not be true moving around during winter is extremely beneficial to your physical health and your mental health. If the thought of gym or going for a run makes you want to just snuggle under your covers a little more why not join a dance class, or join your local sports team. That way you’ll be moving around, learning a new skill and be meeting new people, all of which will motivate you to keep moving this winter. A side benefit, of course, is that you could have a rocking fit healthy body for the summer time.


Practice good hygiene

Having good hygienic habits is always important, but is particularly important during winter to stop yourself from getting those nasty germs. Wash your hands regularly, cover your mouth when coughing, keep your hands off your face and most importantly stay far, far away from sick people.



Yes, finally a tip that includes your comfy warm bed! Try and get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, as a lack of sleep can lead to a weaker immune system and make your body more prone to getting those foul little viruses floating around the air.

Get the flu vaccine

Get the flu vaccine! It is adjusted every year to match the flu viruses going around every new year and is the best weapon in your arsenal against getting sick. You can get from most pharmacies, chemists and of course your local GP.

Hope this information is valuable to all you lovely people and stay warm and healthy this winter!

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