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The real cost of studying and living in Australia

This article is written by Loren Howarth

Full of beautiful beaches and friendly charm, Australia is the perfect destination to study and experience the world away from home. But before you pack your bags for an adventure of a lifetime, you should consider the costs.

As the standard of living in Australia is increasing, so too is the cost of living. To help you get a bit of an insight, we’ve worked out living costs for several major cities. So get saving and start drawing up a financial plan!

Study Anywhere_Sydney


Earlier this year, Sydney was ranked as the most expensive city in the world. But don’t let that deter you from studying in this great place. There are several housing options to choose from, including a shared house or unit which costs roughly $200-$300 per week, or a one-bedroom unit which can set you back $400-$550 per week. While looking for where to stay, be sure to choose an area close to where you’re studying so you can walk or easily catch public transport. Sydney also has some irresistible food on offer, as well as an energetic night life. But try not to blow your money all at once, as this could cost you over $200 a week! Plus, you’ll need to put some money aside for electricity and gas, which costs between $35-$140 per week.

Study Anywhere_Mlebourne


Choosing to live in Melbourne is relatively cheaper than Sydney, and overall it will save you around $200. In the city, it will cost $200-$300 per week for rent in a shared house, $40-$100 for power costs and around $80-$150 in food. One of the great characteristics of Melbourne is the city’s public transport facilities. In the central business district, you will have access to the free tram system which gives you easy access to where you need to go. By catching these free trams, you’ll save a lot of money which you can spend on more activities and adventures!

Study Anywhere_Brisbane


If you want to study right near the beach, then Brisbane is the perfect study location for you. But this dreamy destination does come at a cost week rent in a small yet furnished studio in a reasonably priced area is around $380, and add that with $40 a week for utilities, it certainly isn’t cheap. And as the city is quite expensive, you’ll be looking to find somewhere in the outer suburbs, which means you’ll mainly be relying on public transport. These costs certainly all add up!

Study Anywhere_Perth


Perth is a beautiful city that has an easygoing character, as well as plenty of nightlife. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Worldwide Cost of Living Survey last year, Perth was found to be more affordable than Brisbane, Melbourne, and Adelaide. With international students also receiving a 40% discount on all public transport services. A one-bedroom apartment outside the city centre costs just over $300 a week while residing in an apartment in the heart of the city will set you back around $400.

Although all of this might sound daunting, don’t let the numbers put you off! If you have your sights set on studying in Australia, draw up a financial plan, put aside any spare change, and see if there are any scholarships you are eligible for. And if you ever need a hand, the people at Study Anywhere are always here to help you find the right course!

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