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Must See Aussie Big Icons

The article is written by Olivia Inwood

If you love road trips, selfies and experiencing the quirky side of Australia, consider seeing some Aussie big icons! Located along highways all over Australia, many of these big things have become pop culture icons and tourist hotspots. Here are our top picks for must-see Aussie big icons:

Big banana

Author of the picture @narissa_campbell

The Big Banana in Coffs Harbour, NSW

The Big Banana claims to be Australia’s ‘first big icon’. Originally created to promote a banana stall, The Big Banana is now an amusement park featuring a downhill toboggan ride, laser tag and an ice skating rink. So, there’s enough entertainment for the whole day!

Big pineapple

Author of the picture @amymacsouthbne

The Big Pineapple in Woombye, QLD

The heritage-listed Big Pineapple is located along the Sunshine Coast. You can climb The Big Pineapple and explore the pineapple museum and observation deck. The area also boasts a train through a pineapple plantation and a Wildlife HQ.

Big merino

Author of the picture @patrickashby_

The Big Merino in Goulburn, NSW

The Big Merino celebrates the wool industry of Goulburn and is often a stopover destination for those travelling to Canberra. You can climb to the top of the Merino sheep and look out through its eyes to see a panoramic view of the local area. The Big Merino also has a gift shop on the ground floor and a wool display!

Big guitar

Author of the picture @geemcv

The Big Golden Guitar in Tamworth, NSW

The Big Golden Guitar is in the heartland of Aussie country music and is over 12 metres high. It was unveiled by Australia’s most popular country music star, Slim Dusty. This Aussie icon is now one of the major attractions at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, held every January.

Big lobster

Author of the picture @kornienko_001

The Big Lobster in Kingston SE, SA

Known locally as “Larry the Lobster” this creation stands at 17 metres tall. It houses a restaurant and gift shop underneath. Kingston is a well-known port and is also famous for its real-life lobsters!


The Big Wave in Newhaven, VIC

The Big Wave is a popular photo spot, where you can pretend you’re riding a wave. Its located at the Island Surf Experience in Newhaven on Phillip Island. This area is a popular resort place and has hosted various surfing competitions in the past.

Pig penguin

Author of the picture @m_szek

The Big Penguin in Penguin, TAS

Only 30km away from Devonport, the coastal town of Penguin is a popular tourist attraction and home to hundreds of fairy penguins. The Big Penguin is located in the beachfront park and is the largest penguin sculpture in the world!

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