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Is it better to apply for a Student Visa onshore or offshore?

Can you work whilst on a Bridging Visa?  What are the work limitations?

How expensive it really is to study in Australia?

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What To Do If You Want To Extend Your Australian Adventure

Avoid mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars

Find out how to keep working legally while you are waiting for your Student Visa to be approved.

How to choose a course that will work for you

We cover the most affordable and  flexible courses to switch from a Work and Holiday Visa

Work limitations explained

Did you know that in some situations you can work more than just 20 hours per week whilst on a Student Visa?

Content Of The eBook

Onshore vs. Offshore?

Do you need to fly out from Australia to be able to apply?


Are you allowed to work or not?

Bridging Visa


Various scenarios when and how to apply

What if...


How Much?

How expensive it really is to study in Australia?


What really is the work limitation on a Student Visa

The 20-hour Myth


How to choose a course when moving from a Working Holiday Visa

Best Courses


What Other People Are Saying

Miko, Japan

They're amazing! Once I reached out to them, they walked me through everything including tours of the school, and was always responsive whenever I had a concern. My student visa was lodged recently and approved almost right away thanks to them :)

Adam, Great Britain

With a few clicks of the button, with a few emails, I walked straight to my classroom and I started my course. It was very, very easy. 

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