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Australian TV Shows explained

The article is written by Rachel Ganczarczyk 

Understanding Australian culture and lifestyle are difficult for any foreigner, especially upon the first arrival. So it’s always a good idea to immerse yourself in the Australian culture, lifestyle activities and traditions in society. One way you can do this is by watching popular Australian TV shows, where you can understand more about the way of life in Australia as well as maybe even end up discovering a new favourite TV show! Below is a list of some of Australia’s most popular TV shows, so be sure to check them out.

MasterChef Australia – Channel 10           

If you’re a foodie or love to be creative in the kitchen, then be sure to watch MasterChef Australia for some unique blends of flavour, thrilling team challenges and spectacular dishes that look more like artwork than food! Watch how everyday Australians cook up a storm in the kitchen and take the ultimate test to be crowned Australia’s MasterChef.

Home & Away – Channel 7

If you’re one for drama and deep storylines, then Home & Away may be the perfect show to tune into and follow. It’s Australia’s most popular soap-opera that’s known for its setting in fictional beach town Summer Bay. Watch and follow the lives of residents and the drama that unfolds in each of their unique storylines.


House Rules – Channel 7

Are you hands-on, practical, passionate about interior design or have a creative flair? Watch how six teams of everyday Australians taken on the incredible challenge of renovating each other’s homes to outstand the judges, score points and win the ultimate prize. Judge for yourself each house reveal and see what if your favourite team can make it to the top of the leaderboard.

The Project – Channel 10

If talking about current affairs, politics and relevant social issues interest you, then tune into The Project. It’s a panel-discussion show that delivers news differently, with celebrity guest appearances and comedic segments and punchlines to keep you amused throughout the program. Watch how debating interviews, controversial opinions and current social issues are put to the stage and delivered to the everyday Australian in a way that is unique and engaging.

The Voice Australia – Channel 9

Good tunes and blasting hits are what you’ll be in for if you tune into The Voice Australia. See how everyday Australians take on the incredible challenge of singing their way to the top to become Australia’s The Voice winner. See how judges coach them, critique them and motivate them to become professional performers, world-class rockstars and talented artists who want nothing more but than to sing their hearts out.

For more details, episode recaps and some behind-the-scenes footage, be sure to check out the website for each program.


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