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Top 5 YouTube Vids By Expats About Life in Australia

The article is written by Bernadette Sanfilippo


They say experience is the greatest teacher of all so, in this list, we’re counting down 5 outstanding YouTube videos made by expats residing in Australia, that are certain to help prepare you for a move to the land down under.

#5. Adjustments as an American in AustraliaBrittany Bryant

In this video, Brittany Bryant is a relatively new arrival to Australian shores. As she recounts her initial 12 days in the land down under, she exhibits that relatable twang of nervousness that typically accompanies any foreigner adjusting to life in a foreign land. Her observations about life in Australia are not necessarily atypical or groundbreaking, but her retellings are sympathetically honest and sentimental, and her skittish nature serves to remind us that, no matter how abnormal we may feel in an unfamiliar cultural setting, we are not alone.


#4. 6 Things I Wish I Knew About Australia Before Moving HereAshley Kristina

If what you’re seeking is the emotional realities of living abroad, then look no further. Ashley Kristina delivers a video that summarises a number of hard truths, coupling her worded experiences with the utmost of careful sensitivity. Choosing to steer away from debunking Australian stereotypes, she discusses the difficulties of living vast distances from family, carving out new interpersonal relationships in a contrasting culture and the hefty price tag that accompanies the Australian way of life. Be warned, Ashley shatters any illusions you may have of Australia’s iconic landmarks, kindly pointing out that most pictures are usually given the heavy Photoshop treatment.


#3. 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving To Sydney, Australia! Lauren Meisner

Lauren Meisner’s almost 17-minute long video offers highly detailed depictions on subjects such as the housing market, working conditions and the national health care system. While her advice is practical and noteworthy, it should be noted that, as the title of the video suggests, significant portions of the content are specific to the metropolitan areas of Sydney and do not necessarily reflect life in neighbouring states or wider Australia. This is particularly true of the rental price figures she quotes, as these really are only a reflection of what you could expect to pay living in the central suburbs of Sydney, not in the greater suburban areas. That being said, this is a wonderfully insightful, well-researched video, highly beneficial to anyone looking to live long-term in New South Wales.


#2. 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before…Moving To Australia Elizabeth Beemer

Elizabeth Beemer proves she is a well-versed, seasoned traveller in this humorously light-hearted, entertaining video. Elizabeth exhibits a relaxed, laid-back level of honesty as she provides practical guidance and cleverly debunks several Australian stereotypes. At one point, she ingeniously describes the country as the lovechild between the USA and UK and makes some compelling statements regarding weather, social habits and the general cost of living in the land down under. Though this video was filmed and uploaded on April 1st, rest assured that the content is sincere, genuine and a highly reliable account of life in Australia!


#1. 11 things I didn’t expect about AustraliaMai’s Journey

Kicking things off with a brief dance number, Mai’s video tops this list, due primarily to its laugh-out-loud humour, honesty, integrity and Mai’s ability to capture the quintessential Australian spirit. While the content speaks specifically about Melbourne, the vast majority can easily be associated with surrounding states, broader Australia and the national way of living. Mai’s persona is fun and relatable and her counsel is offbeat, quirky and totally amusing. This video offers a fantastic insight into Australia’s worded slang, verbal anomalies, cultural diversity and daily realities, with a delightful dose of foreign observation and reflection.


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