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INTO THE WILD: Adventures Out Of The City

The article is written by Candice Locklee

Living in a city is exciting. There’s always something going on, the shops are open until late and the opportunities to meet new people are endless. But sometimes, you’ll find that some of the best adventures lay outside the city lights where nature is waiting for you to experience all of the many natural wonders that this country has to offer.

The region between South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales boasts a landscape of valleys, mountains, bushland, waterfalls and winding rivers. With a ton of National Parks, World Heritage sites and hiking trails to be explored, you’re spoilt for choice for those days when you’re feeling up for a different kind of adventure.

If you’re ready to leave the city behind and take a break from urban living, escape on a day trip to one of these places:



About 45 minutes from the busy Gold Coast, is a pretty little town called Tamborine Mountain that is located in the heart of the spectacular Scenic Rim region. Up in the clouds, you’ll feel like you’re the world away from the city and can easily spend a day enjoying the cafes, country lanes, wineries and peaceful atmosphere.

However, Tamborine Mountain is famous for its rainforests and no visit is complete without taking on one of the many hiking trails available. The Curtis Falls, Palm Grove Circuit, and Witches Falls walks are some of the most popular hiking trails on the mountain that will take you into the heart of the rainforests and surround you with native flora and fauna.

Tamborine Mountain Skywalk also offers the unique experience of being able to walk through the rainforest on bridges that will take you soaring over the top of the tree canopies and Cedar Creek rock-pools.

For those after the view, there’s a number of lookouts to choose from around the mountain that offer panoramic views of the Gold Coast and surrounding valleys – take your camera, the sunsets are spectacular all year round!


There is no general public transport from the Gold Coast to Tamborine Mountain, so be sure to plan ahead and either book a full day tour bus online or arrange your own transportation.



Mount Barney National Park is one of a number of National Parks in this region that showcases the beauty of the Gondwana Rainforests. Listed as a World Heritage area, the ancient Gondwana Rainforests stretch across a vast area in South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales and are home to many plants and animals that are both rare and endangered.

Mount Barney is a true Australian wilderness experience. Hikers are able to take one of the many tracks available and make their own way past rocky mountains, caves, creeks, sweeping valleys and subtropical rainforests.

Camping is common in the Mount Barney region and there are also guided opportunities to take the adventure to the next level by engaging in some rock-climbing, abseiling, lake paddling and horse riding to name a few.



The Natural Bridge is a popular tourist attraction set in the midst of the Springbrook National Park. After an easy walk through the stunning Gondwana rainforest, you’ll reach the Natural Bridge, a spectacular rock formation formed into the shape of a curved bridge by the powerful force of the waterfall over time.

You can walk down to the cave below and take some great photos of the water and sunlight hitting the green-blue pool beneath the bridge. If you choose to come at night, the cave becomes a wonderland of tiny lights from the many glow worms that have made the cave their home.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of Springbrook National Park while you’re here. There’s a multitude of walking trails, both guided and independent, that range from 300m to 54km in length so you can pick and choose according to your ability.

Study Anywhere_MOUNT WARNING


As you’re driving over the Queensland border into New South Wales, you may notice a distinctly crooked mountain peak looming on the horizon. Situated between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, Mount Warning has become a popular destination for adventurers looking for something a little more challenging than the average bushwalk.

The Mount Warning trail usually takes about 5 hours and will lead its hikers through some of the most captivating scenery of the region, including thick subtropical rainforest, heath shrublands, palm forests and a short rock scramble towards the top that will end in breathtaking coastal views from Byron Bay to the Gold Coast.

You don’t need to be a pro to take on Mount Warning, but you should be prepared for some strenuous effort. All ages attempt the climb and you’ll be sure to pass fellow hikers along the way that are quick to give you encouragement to the top.

For those who aren’t up for climbing a mountain in their spare time, don’t worry. There’s a number of short, easy walks through the palm forests to enjoy and picnic areas situated around the area for a more relaxing day in the sun.


Bring your own water and suitable footwear for climbing.
It’s advised to start this hike early in the morning so that you’ll have plenty of time to hike up, enjoy the view from the top, and make it back down before dark. Visitors should never attempt the mountain in the night as unseen obstacles and uneven ground makes it too dangerous.

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