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48 hours on the Great Ocean Road


The article is written by Paola Bianchi

Do you understand this is a MUST see when visiting Victoria, right?

Let me be honest with you. One or two days may cover the main spots of the Great Ocean Road. However, you can easily spend a week or more here. If you have the time, please do so. There is plenty to explore and enjoy.

Being said that, if you just have a weekend to spend, make the most of it. This is what I and some friends did in 48hs exploring the Great Ocean Road oceanic route.

Wake up early, hire a car if you do not have one already, grab a coffee to go and put the radio on. From Melbourne city, head west via M1 freeway towards Geelong.


First stop: Torquay Surf Beach

Just about 100km from our starting point, Torquay is a seaside town famous for its surfing options, especially for beginners and intermediate levels. If keen on sports, give surf a try. There are several rental options in the area.

2 torquay beach

If watching others get smashed on the water is your preference, the best spot to do so is the green grass hill in front of Torquay Surf Beach. Which was what we did while half of the pack went for a swim. You will get awesome views without any danger as it is far away from the sea. I totally recommend to bring sunglasses (even if it is cloudy as the light is full on here), spread a beach towel and enjoy a picnic. Nearby is a great kiosk that sells cheap hamburgers!


Second Stop: Anglesea Golf Club

Don’t get confused, playing golf is not part of the tour… Although kangaroos are! It happened that around this golf there are lots of wild kangaroos living around. This makes this place unique because of the proximity to this huge population (around 210-270). The eastern grey kangaroos hanging out on the golf course are highly habituated to humans, and a tour is provided if you are keen on jumping on a golf trolley for 20 minutes.

4 kangaroosImage source from Anglesea golf club facebook page 

Don’t worry about the tags and collars that several kangaroos have. This doesn’t hurt them. They even have names! Tagging them is part of the studies that Zoologists from the University of Melbourne have been conducting since 2005 for population surveys, movements, birth control and parasites.

5 kangaroo soloImage source by Tom Walter

Third Stop: Kennett River

Nearby this river there is popular café called Kafe Koala, just in the entrance of the ‘Koala walk’. This is a short walk full of Eucalyptus Trees, the preferred ones of the little creatures. It is super easy to spot them sleeping and hugging brunches. It was no joke when someone told us that the koalas were ALWAYS there, like waiting for you to go and say hi.

6 koala in treeImage source from Jade Craven


Fourth stop: Twelve Apostles

This is why we came for! Make sure you get there before the sunset! It is the BEST.

Take a look:

7 apostlesPic by Pao Bianchi

Try to get there early to reserve your spot. It can get crowded!

8 apostlesPic by Pao Bianchi
Getting the best photo is a goal we all have but remind yourself that it’s not worth risking your life or damaging the environment to get it, like these guys:

10 apostles


Fifth Stop: Port Campbell

Because of its proximity to the 12 Apostles, is a great place to stay overnight. This lovely little town has grown so much and offers great food and accommodation. We rented a house in Airbnb and woke up to this peaceful beauty:

12 peacePic by Pao Bianchi
Plus, it has a gorgeous bay where you can have your breaky and shot some cute pics.

Looking down over the beach at the little seaside town of Port Campbell.

Looking down over the beach at the little seaside town of Port Campbell.

Pic by Shiny Things

During the morning hours, there is also a beautiful light on the incredible Twelve Apostles. That was our Airbnb’s host recommendation. Unfortunately, was too late when he told us but it is indeed a great excuse to come back!

Bonus: another great location to spend the night is Bimbi Park. ‘Bimbi’ means ‘a place of many birds’ in the local Aboriginal language. This place is located in the forest of Otway Park surrounded by Koalas! You can rent a cabin or a camping site and enjoy nature. More info here.


Take it easy now. You did lots of km the day before, and you still need to go back while enjoying the trip.
If you sleep as good as we did and had breaky in front of the bay getting fresh air, you most likely have the energy to continue exploring.

You may go up north to visit other natural rock forms like The Arch or London Bridge. But that means more driving hours to go back. So, you can choose to spend some quality time in nature without deviating too much.

Next Stop: Great Otway National Park

Such a magical place! Lakes, waterfall, forest.

14 driving forest

Pic by Pao Bianchi

Trekking, camping, fishing and even swimming. SO MANY OPTIONS. All the details here
We would need another week to explore, right? Absolutely recommended! As we had just a couple more hours to enjoy, we decided to visit the historic Cape Otway Lightstation.
15 ligthhousePic by Pao Bianchi

Yeap! You can climb to the top!
This place has a rich history that you can discover while walking around the huge campus that surrounds the lighthouse. It is told that, during the 19th century, Cape Otway was the first land to be seen by migrants travelling to Australia by ship. Isn’t that curious? Today migrants see the airport first.


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