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How to Experience the Royal National Park

This article is written by Olivia Inwood

A Royal National Park adventure is the perfect opportunity to explore the natural beauty surrounding Sydney! From open bushland, beaches and stunning clifftop views, the Royal National Park has a wide range of landscapes to explore. This guide will show you how to make the most of your time at this beautiful national park and experience the best sites.


Getting There
Make sure you leave super early in the morning and take plenty of water and food! For an extensive trip like this, you’ll need to do some planning! Although it’s easy to drive to the park, catching the ferry from Cronulla offers picturesque views of the area. The ‘Curranulla’ Australia’s oldest commuter ferry, will take you to Bundeena in just 20 minutes.


Bundeena to Jibbon Beach
Once you reach the Bundeena wharf, follow Loftus St and make your way to Jibbon Beach. If you travel along the Jibbon Loop track, you’ll get to see the Dharawal Aboriginal Carvings Site; a 1000-year-old artwork engraved into stone. As you’ll be walking along the coast, there are also many opportunities to spot whales in the ocean!


The Balconies
After weaving your way through the Jibbon Loop track and seeing the native wildlife, you’ll reach the Coast Track. The Coast track will take you to The Balconies, a spectacular sandstone clifftop, providing an amazing view of the rugged coastline.


Wedding Cake Rock
Moving on, the Coast track will take you along the side of a ravine and up to Wedding Cake Rock; the most photographed site of the park. This magnificent rock formation forms an almost perfect cube shape and its pristine white colour is caused from thousands of years of exposure to the sun.


Marley Beach
Nearby Wedding Cake Rock, you can walk to Marley Beach. This beach is a remnant of the ancient super-beaches that used to exist along the cliffs, with many sand dunes now surrounding it. From Marley Beach, you can re-trace your steps and return via the same trails or return to Bundeena via the Big Marley fire trail, if you need to take a shortcut.


Wattamolla Beach and the Curracurrong Falls
For the very adventurous, there are further tracks leading to Wattamolla Beach and the Figure 8 Pools. If you decide to go further, you should plan to stay overnight in the North Era Campground. Wattamolla Beach separates the salty Pacific Ocean from the freshwater lagoon and is a great place to relax and have a swim. The beach is also close to the stunning Curracurrong Falls, a unique waterfall that empties into the ocean.


Figure 8 Pools
The Figure 8 Pools is another major attraction of the park but beware the track there is steep and rocky. It’s best to see the Figure 8 Pools in the morning to get the best photos and for your safety, to only go when there is a low tide.


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Make sure you carefully plan your trip and check the conditions beforehand. Enjoy!



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