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Gotta love Melbourne in June

The article is written by Paola Bianchi  Cover photo by chiaralily

Let’s face it. June in Melbourne equals sunny but cold days. The winter has been waving us for a while but now is officially here.

2 Cold

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Is this an excuse to get lazy and see Netflix every day? No way! (although it sounds a good idea)

Here are 3 awesome excuses to get OUT of home and IN some great venues)



3 nigth market 1Image source 

During 13 weeks the renowned Queen Victoria Market is open during the night but with a gourmet approach. Raw fruits and vegetables are replaced by more than 30 global street food stalls.
It’s a great opportunity to taste food from all over the world. Singaporean, Japanese, Peruvian, Spanish, you name it.
There are also live music and product stalls for gifts.

4 nigth market 2Image by Lucas Randall

Every Wednesday of June, July and August. From 5 pm to 10 pm. It’s free!



Each year during the Queen’s birthday weekend, Mornington Peninsula showcase its best local wineries and cheese makers!

5 wine 1Image source

This event requires a ticket, but it is so worth it! Wine, food and music. Who is with me?
6 wine fest 2Image source

All right, enough of eating delicious food and awesome wine and let’s focus on our inner self for a weekend, shall we?

Next event its by far the most original one:


The Mind-Body Festival is Australia’s largest well-being and natural therapies event held in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane every year.

7 entrance mind festivalImage by Paola Bianchi
There are more than 200 stalls, short workshops and seminars, guided meditations, live performances and plenty of great products (books, crystals, tea blends) and body services (massages, iris health check, aura photographs) on offer and so many more that you have to see it believe it!

8 Pic room mind festivalImage by Paola Bianchi
Without a doubt, the centrepiece of the event is the physic reading room. Well-known physics will use their abilities to give you an honest reading base on their tools, like tarot, hand reading, clairvoyance, mediumship and much more.

9 Pic reading roomImage by Paola Bianchi

Head to Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center, near the Casino, to pamper yourself with magic.
Tickets are free! Make sure you swipe them in those stalls that are giving away great prices!



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