April 25, 2018

Leaving family and friends behind and pursuing your dream and future in a strange country can be a pretty tough task. However, the entire process of getting the hang of your surrounding is not that difficult, especially when you’re moving to Australia where the friendly locals never fail to make you feel at home.

By further following these tips you can get an idea how to approach new people and make some amazing friends.


1. Look out for new friends in your class
There is no need to hesitate in making an approach or fearing rejection as usually at the university level, many students sitting around you are equally nervous. In fact, you will be surprised at the enthusiastic response you will receive once you make the friendly move.
Being a loner never helps whether you’re a quiet person or a chatterbox. It’s beneficial when you have many friends around to talk to about various subjects. You can start by discussing your assignments, projects or even class lectures with the Australians students around you.


2. Join the campus clubs
The best part about studying in Australia is that you have enormous opportunities to socialize with students studying with you and making new friends. Joining a club at your campus could be of great help as it provides you with the chance to mingle with people with common interest.
Also, with having nothing to do at your hostel than to study, these campus clubs could be a tremendous extracurricular and fun activity that you could indulge in.


3. Spend more time outdoors
It’s easier to avoid the alienated surroundings and people and hide away in your homestay. However, that does not help you to progress any further. Although studying indoors is important, spending some time out is also beneficial to drive away the loneliness.
Hang around the Playfair Café or the famous Bourke Street Bakery for its yummy sausage rolls. These places are both cheap and a perfect pool of your potential new friends!


4. Explore the city
If you are going to spend the next few years in Sydney, you might as well explore the city too. Whenever you have long weekends, make sure you plan your trips to the Bondi Beach with your friends or better yet, see the iconic Sydney Opera House. Places like these are always crowded and filled with opportunities to socialize to the fullest.
So if you are planning to study in Sydney, then remember these tips to make new friends and get more comfortable and accustomed to the new city.

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