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The article is written by Ebbony Lawman   

Through university, I got a lot of advice from my teachers and fellow students on the best ways to study. Such as staying up all night reading chapter after chapter or putting your textbook under your pillow to absorb the information.

Eventually, I found a study hack that worked for me, sadly I didn’t learn this until my last subject of my degree. Fortunately, for you, I did the research to back up this hack and collected some science-backed study to prove it.

In this podcast, I discuss how this study hack could be a primary form of communication at university and how, like myself, also can be a form of procrastination, much the opposite to study itself.

So, what is this hack? Glad you asked…. It’s social media!

I’ve never really thought about social media as a way of sharing information at university, as I’ve always related social media with sharing my personal information with friends and family. I certainly didn’t think about using it for study.

Looking back at my time at university and the previous units I’ve enrolled in, that didn’t have this form of learning integrated into them. I’ve realised that I used good old social media, in a different way, it was my escape route, to browse endless entertainment and the latest news. It would sadly decrease my engagement level and self-belief to the bare minimum, it was a constant battle with myself to stay motived.

Until this unit Making Social Media, I felt completely engaged throughout the entire unit, my grades increased by 20%. So, when I was researching for expert opinions I made sure to find people who would back up this theory such as Junco, Heiberger, Loken and Vern Freedlander to find out what the secret weapon is, listen to the podcast above.

If I knew what I know now five years ago, it probably would have made the world of difference. But that’s why I am writing this, to give you the tools you need to succeed and stay engaged throughout your degree.

Just follow these simple steps;

  1. Create a Twitter account
  2. Encourage your teachers, friends and classmates to do the same
  3. Create a unique hashtag for your unit
  4. Start sharing information!

That’s it! That’s all you need, its 100% true that if you don’t get out of your comfort zone you will never know what you’re capable of.

So, what are you waiting for, get excited! Download Twitter today and do everything that you’ve always wanted to do. Show the world what you’re made of and that social media is the way of the future. Because, after completing this unit, I truly believe integrating social media in university is the future of learning and our generation can lead the way for the next gen.

If you need some inspiration to get you started, check out the following hashtags on Twitter; #ALM101 #ALCAlumni #ComeJoinUs #IMadeSomeMedia and #Learningbydoing.

You can list to the podcast here.




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