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The Best Study Spots For You

The article is written by Rachel Ganczarczyk

Studying in the comfort of your own home can sometimes be a bit too comfortable and may lead to distractions and long periods of procrastination. Some days you just need a change of scenery to keep you inspired and focused on your studies. Luckily, we’ve thought of some ideal creative spaces for your next study session.


The quietness of a library can be the perfect setting for you to get into your zone and focus all your attention on studying. With minimal distractions and the presence of all things literature, you’re sure to be effective and efficient in learning.

It’s also good to know that most libraries offer free Wifi and quiet study areas.

Try visiting a state library in the city or searching within your local area to see if there is a public community library near you.


Art galleries and museums
While it may not be as quiet as a library, studying at a public state art gallery or museum can be an effective way to get your creative juices flowing. You’ll be inspired by the visual scenery as you immerse yourself in the cultural ambience. And don’t forget to have a quick gaze around and enjoy the displays while you’re there!

Some exhibitions and exclusive previews may require fees, but general entry to art galleries and museums are free. They also generally offer quiet lounge areas and some even feature cafes with seating.

You can visit one next time you’re in the city where most of them are located.


Studying outside in the sunshine and fresh air may just be exactly what you need to stay focused when studying. Being outside is scientifically proven to boost brain power, rejuvenate the body and enhance thinking. Whether you’re studying under a shady tree or sitting on a bench, your time outside can benefit both your mental health and study progress.

Parks in Australia are free, and if you plan on visiting one remember to stay hydrated with water and to always wear sunscreen!


Coffee shop
Why not tuck yourself away, grab a coffee and study in your favourite brunch spot or local coffee shop? With snacks and drinks on standby to keep you going, a buzzing coffee shop can be an ideal study spot for those who think and study aloud.

In Australia, it is polite to purchase something at the store before you sit down as a customer.

If the chitter-chatter of other customers bothers you, bring your earphones and good tunes to zone out from any distractions.

If you are new to Australia or you want to stay here longer, Study Anywhere is here for you to help.  Feel free to send us a message on Facebook or via our contact page.


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