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A must experiences in Sydney

When you come to Sydney, that can be an overwhelming experience. But it depends on the length of your stay, you might get a chance to try different activities. We have come up with some experiences that won’t cost you a fortune and you will definitely get a great feel of adventure and taste of the real Sydney. Because Sydney is not only a multicultural city, but it offers you so much to see and all the beauty in the form of nature.

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Hire a Kayak in Manly

When you are in Manly, we really recommend you to hire a kayak. Whether you rent a single or a double kayak to enjoy it with your partner, you will be exploring a number of stunning beaches and unique scenery. Hiring companies usually provide you with all the necessary equipment and the only thing you need to do is paddle over the North Harbour waters of Manly.

Tip: If you are looking for a cheaper option, go over the winter period. Kayak rent companies often do a lot of cheap promotion when the peak season is over. You might risk that you will trip over to the freaking cold water, but, at the same time, it won’t be crowded at that time.

Cost: from $25 for single kayak/hour or $45 for double kayak/hour or even less in the winter months

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Bondi to Coogee walk

One of the unique experiences in Sydney or even in Australia are the perfect sceneries of the coasts and beaches. But only in Sydney, you have them so close that you can easily get to them with public transport within half an hour from the city center. Walking the Bondi to Coogee is a perfect 6km track you can do, even for those whose fit level isn’t high. You will get the most beautiful cliffs and beaches in Sydney.

Tip: If you are in Sydney from October-November, you will get a chance to experience the world largest outdoor sculpture exhibition – Sculpture by the Sea. That’s something to worth see!

Or if you go from May to November you have got a good chance to see the whales.

Cost: Free

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Swim in Bondi Iceberg club

Probably everybody knows this place from the picture as it’s the most beautiful pool in the Australia (or even in the world). But not that many would know that this pool open to the public and not just exclusively to members of the club.

Tip: When you feel like it’s too cold for you, you should just jump in. There is a sauna right on the first level, where you can nicely heat up yourself.

Cost: $6 for a single entry

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Take a ferry to Manly

Catching a ferry from Circular Quay to Manly is another must. This is a classic tour you can take just by riding a ferry. With this 30 minute trip, you will get the best view of Sydney Opera House along with the hidden spots of locals.

Tip: There is a cafe right on the ferry, so why not to grab a coffee and enjoy the beautiful view on the outside deck? Also, it’s worth to travel on Sunday to this day you have maximum $2.50 per ride.

Cost: Around $6-7 (depends on the times you travel)

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Picnic in Botanic garden

The Royal Botanic gardens are a great stop for you just minutes from CBD with a great panorama of Sydney Harbour. It’s amazing just to take a break from busy life that you might experience right in the center and once you walk into the park you can easily forget that the stressful area is just behind you. The gardens are often full of wildlife you often get a chance to meet parrots – especially cockatoos, when you are lucky can even feed them. The best way to enjoy it is to bring a book or group of your friends and make actually a little picnic there.

Tip: Get yourself a map. Not for the chance, you will get lost, but in case you would really want to see some particular parts of the gardens. This way you can make sure, that you won’t miss any special part of your interests.

Cost: Free

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Sunrise at any beach

While staying in would be a real shame not to experience a sunrise at the beach. Actually, as Sydney is placed in the East of Australia, the sunrise is always over the ocean. It’s a breathtaking moment to wait to see the sun rising over the ocean and it’s worth getting up early.

Tip: If you are not in the rush and you didn’t come just for the sunrise, and you want to experience some activities as a local, then we recommend you do some fitness activities. The morning workout is really contagious especially when you are surrounded with like-minded people. There is plenty of outdoor gyms around almost every beach.

Cost: Free

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Barbecue in Bronte park

Imagine, Sunday morning, nice sunny weather, you and your friends. No plans? You should definitely decide for a barbecue at the beach. Bronte part is one of the greatest places to do so. First thing, you will do most Ozzie lunch you could do and second, you can get tanned while cooking, having fun with your friends.

Tip: We recommend you to go early in the morning to save the spot for the nice covered seating, which can be your base camp for all the activities at the beach.

Cost: Free

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Elizabeth Bay

One of the beautiful harbour side bays is perfect for a morning stroll accompanied with coffee and to embrace a slow, chilled out a vibe like a local. You can easily get there from Kings Cross train station, few minute walk or take a bus from Central.

Tip: Best time to go is in the morning. Get a coffee in the only coffee shop which is in that area (don’t forget to bring the cash as they don’t accept the cards), chill in the harbour, dip into the water and your day can start.

Cost: Free

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