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Yeah, nah! or how to speak Australian

Abbreviate everything!
Australians love to shorten all the words that are possible, so don’t be shocked when you will talk to someone and you won’t understand in the first place. You will get used to the Ozzie slang (if not, just smile and nod). There is actually a good step-by-step guide on how to master the Australian accent even on WikiHow

Yeah nah meaning
From the first minute you spend in Australia, you will become a “mate” for everyone, and “no worries” will be your most used phrase here, so “No worries, mate!” you will learn along the way. Yeah, nah! is a just common phrase you will hear a lot. It basically means: “I see your argument, but, just no”.

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One tip:

Just shorten everything, blend your words together as much as possible and that’s basically the Australian Accent.
Check this video, these guys did a great job to show you how to speak “Aussie”

And here are some examples:

Air con = Air conditioning/conditioner
Arvo = Afternoon
Avo = Short for avocado
Banger = Sausage
Barby = Or barbie; Grill or Barbecue grill
Bathers = Swimming suit
Bikkie = Cookie – biscuit
Bottle-o = A liquor store
Brekkie = Breakfast; Also spelled brekky or breaky
Brolly = Umbrella
Bub = Baby
B.Y.O. = Bring your own (alcohol/drinks)
Chewie = Chewing gum
Chippy = Carpenter
Chrissy = Christmas
“Chuck a sickie” = Call in sick to work for a day off
Cozzie = Swimming suit
Defo = Short for “definitely”
Dunny = Toilet
Esky = Ice cooler
Exy = Expensive
Fag = Cigarette
Flanno = Flannel
Fortnight = Once every two weeks
Good on ya = Great job or well done.
“How ya going?” = “How are you doing?”
Kindie = Kindergarten
Kiwi = Someone from New Zealand
Loo = Toilet, Restroom
Maccas = Nickname for McDonald’s
Mash = Mashed potatoes
Mate = Friend
Mozzies = Mosquitoes
Nappies = Diapers
Prezzy = A gift or a present
Reckon = Figure, think, assume
Rego = Vehicle registration
Salvo = Salvation Army
Servo = Service/gas station
Smoko = Cigarette or coffee/tea break
Snag = Sausage
Sunnies = Sunglasses
Surfies = People who surf a lot
Swimmers = Bathing suit
Ta = Thanks a lot (said: tah)
Thongs = Flip-flops.
Uni = University
Yah, nah= Yes, but no.

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