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3 Things You Must Try While Living In Australia

Once when you made the big step and moved to Australia to study, your adventure’s just started. The good reason to be a student in Australia is that all the schools give you breaks (tell us more about your school)! Postpone your adult life little bit and take a break for travels. Where else in the world you can find beautiful beaches,  remote outback or get the excitement from the city?

Before you start your adventure, it’s worth to think about it and write your little bucket list for what you want to experience. And that feeling when you start step by step crossing over the things you wanted to do.

What to add to your bucket list in Australia?

Here are some of our tips what you should definitely try!

1. Catch one wave (or, at least, give it a try)
Being in Sydney and not give it a shot, it like being in an ice cream store and not to taste at least one (btw you should try Messina ice cream!). Surf culture in Australia is strong. And also, you’ve got a great chance that you will get a sunny day for it. Why don’t you try it and hire a surfboard? Or go for a surf camp, there is plenty of options for it and for sure you will find one that will suit your time and budget.

2. Try the best coffees in Sydney.
Hellooo! Welcome to Australia. Used on instant coffees? It would be a sin if you wouldn’t try a  coffee. Great coffee shop you can find at every step and corner of Sydney. And all those types of coffees…Be careful, not to become addicted to coffee, it can easily happen.

3. Watch the night sky in outback

Look up! It’s amazing how many stars you can see when you are in the Australian outback. All you have to do is to go for a camping. If you drive few hours out of Sydney, you can find so many beautiful spots, where is worth to stay overnight. So just lay down, look up to the start and get an idea how small we are in this space.


Tip: And if you want to experience the real outback and get a little bit of the traditional sensation, go to visit Uluru (aka Ayers rock). You will get the feeling of the aboriginal culture and over the night, all milky way is yours.

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