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All the magic happens out of your comfort zone

If you are already in Sydney, congratulation. You have made the first step (but the big one!) out of your comfort zone. If not, but you are considering to study in Australia, you are on the right path. Just make that decision and go for it. We will tell you one secret. All the magic happens out of your comfort zone. There is not a single day that wouldn’t be challenging in some way. And whole experience living in Sydney is one big adventure. Things are happening, you are learning every day new things (check 3 things you must try while living in Australia) you are being confronted by every aspect of your life, you toughen up. For someone, this might seem to be a bit hard but look at it from this side. This is a school of life and once you will be remembering this as the best time of your life.

And once when you will be back (or maybe to decide to stay for good!?) you will be a different person, more mature, more experienced and the one who spend some time on the other side of the world, isn’t that pretty impressive?

And how not to completely freak out when you’re out there?

Just relax, take a deep breathe and enjoy the journey.



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