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10 things you should know when looking for renting a place

Last time we were talking about the comfort zone. Well, and there will be many challenging moments when you come to Australia. One of those things you will have to face is, when you start to look for a place to stay.
Well, looking for your new home can be a really challenging thing. The best thing you can do is to get familiar with some words commonly used in renting “jargon” and definitely be prepared for the worst case scenario.
Maybe we exaggerate, but it’s our obligation to get you ready.


1. Cozy
If you imagine a cozy place, you can picture maybe a small place but nicely decorated and warm. But in these terms, cozy would probably mean a room without windows and that small that from your door you can’t step anywhere else, but into your bed.


2. Social
Be prepared for more than 6 other people sharing the same house (sometimes the same room) and the house parties on a daily basis.

sa_ocean view

3. Ocean view
If you lean over the window in the whole, that you are almost falling off the window, there is a slight chance you will catch the glimpse on the ocean.


4. In the city centre
Most likely the apartment will be located right in the middle of a busy road, earplugs are a must.


5. Quiet location
The place will be located somewhere that’s difficult to find even on the map. Not mentioning that you will be traveling hours to the city.


6. Shared house with a single professional with a pet (cats preferably)
The older the more fun you will have. We don’t mind them, but they are single for some reason. Soon, you will find out how many issues one person can have.


7. Family environment
If you like to spend all time with your roommates then you are safe. But if you price your privacy and your free time, then run away. You will be forced to spend your evenings, lunches, dinners together, gathering for every possible occasion as it’s nice for a good family.


8. Pet friendly
Doesn’t have to necessary mean that you will hang out with the cats or dogs, but also cockroaches, spiders, and other crawling insects.


9. Friendly roommate
This one will probably want more just to hang out with you…


10. Walking distance
Walking distance to the beach, train station, mall,… Be ready to have your tracking boots, so you don’t mind to walk kilometres instead of metres to the wanted destination.


These are just examples what can happen to you when you end up at the wrong place at the wrong time. We have been lucky to experience different houses, mates, but it’s part of the life, it’s part of the learning process that’s included in the Australian adventure.
These are not a necessary thing that we say they will happen to you. You may end up with a beautiful place close to the ocean or centre with great housemates that will become your lifetime friends.
So all we can tell is good luck, open your mind and happy room hunting!


Do you have any memorable experiences looking for a house? Let us know! Share them with us in the comment.




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