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48 Hours in: Coober Pedy

The article is written by Taryn Feldmann

City life can get tiring after a while, and a small town is just what the doctor ordered for relaxation and experiencing new things. The perfect place is Coober Pedy, a small town in the Australian outback in South Australia, 846 km north of Adelaide on the Stuart Highway.


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It’s filled with dust in a barren landscape but what this small outback town does offer is an adventure, Australia history and most importantly you get to experience doing everyday activities underground.

There are so many tours to choose from but as it’s a limited time there’s only so much you can do. Here are my options for the best tours, which will offer you everything you’re looking for: Opal mining tours, Oasis tours, historical four-wheeled drive dune tours and desert cave tours.

It’ll be exciting, and you’ll learn so much. The 48 hours will be filled with picture worthy memories, and you’ll have amazing stories to tell your friends and family.


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Getting there

You can go by plane, bus, or train. Coober Pedy’s airport, located five km from the town centre, and regional express has flights between Adelaide and Coober Pedy. More information about the transportation you will find here.

Want to experience the Ghan railway, you can take a train from Adelaide to Coober Pedy. It’ll be a fun experience, plus you can look at scenery along the way, or you can go by coach on a bus which departs from Adelaide at 7:25 pm and arrives in Coober Pedy at 6:15am. More info here. 



The best place to stay will be underground, as it’ll be a once in a lifetime experience. It’s not a regular thing that we do every day, but it is for residents who live in Coober Pedy because temperatures can soar into the 50’s. Plus, you will make your friends jealous with your endless selfies of you in your room underground.


There are quite a few options to choose from, and it’ll depend on how much money you can spend so here’s a link which can help.


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Opal mining tours

Coober Pedy is a mining town, and it’s famous for its opals. It’s a tourist attraction, and a must do. It could be the high light of your trip. Once again, you’ll be underground, and you’ll follow the guides on an informative tour and learn Coober Pedy’s history.

You’ll learn about mining, learn everything there is to know about opals in their underground museum, and you’ll enjoy a documentary in their underground theatre. The high light of your trip will be seeing firsthand how stones are cut. Helpful links about everything this tour has to offer.


Oasis tours

Love thrill-seeking adventures? This oasis tour will be for you. Experience the barren landscape of Coober Pedy at sunset, which will make it even more spectacular. It’s a two and half hour tour, and it’ll leave you breathless.

You’ll get to experience the Breakaways, a massive dune via The Moon Plain Desert and you’ll be able to see Australia’s famous fence, the Dog Fence to keep out the Dingo’s, Australia’s famous wild dog. What makes it so popular worldwide is the length, a staggering 5.614 million miles. Even more spectacular you can watch the sunset on top of the Breakaway with a nice glass of wine or a refreshing beer. Interested in some tours? Check this link.


Mail Run Tours

You need to do this tour as it sounds like fun and unique. You get to go on a tour with the postman by travelling with him as he delivers mail to the historic towns of Oodnadatta and William Creek and most importantly you’ll get to experience five cattle stations, including the largest, Anna Creek Station. Australia is well known worldwide for its cattle stations.


More amazingly go on a historic trip down memory lane like Australia’s famous explorer, Charles Sturt, the namesake of Australia’s most famous highway, The Sturt, which stretches for miles from Darwin to Adelaide. Stop over at the old Ghan Railway line and enjoy the arid landscape. Don’t forget to take photos as this is a memory you’ll want to keep.
Check this link for more information.


Desert Cave tours

This four-hour tour lets you go down a mine and witness Coober Pedy’s jewels, opals still embedded inside the sandstone. You’ll also get to go on a Serbian Underground Church, where you’ll experience an archaeological excavation and get to see amazing architecture.

Want to see how the locals live? Don’t despair; this tour lets you witness a unique local underground home, which they refer to as a ‘Dugout’. It’s not to be missed and once again you can take selfies galore and post them all on your social media. What makes it even more special is your family and friends will be able to experience a new culture.

This town has so much to offer, and it’ll be an experience which you won’t be able to get anywhere else. Have fun!

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