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The article is written by Candice Locklee

If the white sands, rolling waves and endless summers haven’t been enough to lure you here yet, the Gold Coast also boasts some of the best shopping locations in Queensland for tourists and locals alike to indulge in some serious retail therapy.

From designer handbags and high-end fashion to all you could dream at bargain prices, the Gold Coast draws visitors to its shopping centers all year round with a unique and diverse retail experience that is bound to suit any budget.

There’s nothing like buying yourself something nice to feel better and chase away the study blues – you deserve it!

For those days when you wake up with an urge to spend your hard-earned cash, we’ve got five of the best spots on the Gold Coast to keep you shopping all day long.



As the second biggest shopping center on the Gold Coast, Robina Town Centre is a great option for an all-day out shopping experience. With over 350 stores, including specialty stores, department stores and supermarkets, two large food courts and an outdoor dining extravaganza known as the Promenade, there’s plenty to keep you busy as you search for that perfect bargain.

Thanks to ongoing developments, Robina has also expanded to include big name international brands such as Zara and the soon-to-open H&M, along with a newly styled eating area called The Kitchens where you can feast on dishes from around the world and enjoy the frequent live cooking demonstrations performed on stage as you dine.

Robina Town Centre is going to keep getting bigger and better as new stores are opened throughout this year and next, so get on down there and pick yourself up something special!



As the central heart of the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise has always been a hotspot for tourists and locals alike. Perfectly situated alongside the iconic beachside, Surfers draws millions of sand and sun loving people from all around the world to its shores each year who want to combine their love of retail with the beach culture that has become synonymous with Gold Coast living.

Pick up cheap souvenirs in one of the many tourist friendly stores throughout the district, browse through countless surf shops and fashion outlets, score a bargain at vintage and second-hand stores and don’t forget to visit the famous Cavill Avenue – the main shopping strip in the city packed full of shopping malls, eateries and fun things to do while in the city. You’re sure to pick up the perfect outfit to hit one of the many clubs you can find in the area.



When you’re over the crowds at the shopping centers, head on down to Burleigh Heads for a more relaxed and alternative retail experience.

James St. is a popular short one-way street jammed with beachy boutiques and hidden arcades where you can find anything from furniture and homewares, old books, vintage clothes and handbags to scrumptious cafés, health food stores, and artisan bakeries.

The fashion stores on James St. offer visitors something a little different from the popular brands you can get in shopping centers, often at very reasonable prices. Here you’ll find quirky brands and up-and-coming designers who offer designs that stick to the laid back Burleigh fashion code – think bohemian gypsies and Coachella casual – perfect for the chill vibes you’ll get in this area any time of the year.

After you’re done browsing and buying, there’s a great selection of lunch options around Burleigh, including plenty of vegan and organic meals for the health conscious. However, we suggest grabbing some fish and chips, a cold drink and heading for the beach across the road. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day of shopping!



Harbour Town is a must for those looking to buy high-end labels at fantastic bargain prices. Situated at Biggera Waters, Harbour Town is a unique outdoor shopping experience like no other you’ll find on the Gold Coast.

Here you can find big international and local brands that are sold at a fraction of the cost – if you’re lucky you can find items up to 70% off the original retail price in a regular store. There are over 240 outlet stores currently opened at Harbour Town, including Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss, as well as iconic Australian labels such as Oroton, Mimco, and UGG.

There’s also a great selection of dining options available, from restaurants to cafés, and a big cinema complex that offers movies at a cheap rate.

Harbour Town is easily accessed by bus and is only fifteen minutes from the heart of Surfers Paradise – so there’s no excuse for not popping in and grabbing a massive bargain.



After a huge redevelopment, Pacific Fair Shopping Centre is the largest shopping center on the Gold Coast and it’s easy to spend an entire day here. You’ll find anything from big global brands here, such as H&M, Zara, Sephora, and Uniqlo, to iconic designer labels, to homegrown brands and everything in between.

It’s also good to note that Pacific Fair is a nice looking shopping center. It’s sprawled between two large main indoor centers and an outdoor area that connects the two with plenty of comfy seating and dining areas to relax in between.

There’s a real resort vibe at this shopping center with the numerous fountains, bridges, lighting and tastefully decorated outdoor space – it will make you feel like you’re relaxing by the poolside with a fancy cocktail after a hard day’s work.

There isn’t much you can’t find here and there’s always bound to be a sale going on somewhere for those looking for a bargain. It’s official – Pacific Fair is a retail lover’s dream and your ultimate shopping experience on the Gold Coast.

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The article is written by Pamela Choo

Making friends can be a hard task for some, especially when you’re in a foreign country. You’re focused on settling in and getting used to the new environment that socialising may not be your first priority. However, making good friends in a new place that you’ll be living in for a while can be pretty vital. It can make your experience living abroad a more positive and memorable one. So here are some tips on how to instantly make friends.

Study Anywhere_Benice

Be nice

Yes, just be nice. I’m not saying go ahead and be a pushover, but simply be a nice person when you encounter a new human being. Say hi, or compliment them on something you noticed. When you set the intention to be a nice person, you’ll naturally be a magnet to other people.

Study Anywhere_Smile

Smile. And do it often.

This, I find, is simple yet really effective. If you’re not the smiling type, I suggest trying to practice smiling more often. When you’re at a social event and you meet new people, start with a smile. You’ll find that most times people will smile back and feel more at ease around you. This could also lead to an engaging conversation—you never know! But a smile can be all it takes to make a new friend.

Study Anywhere_Be genuine

Be genuine

All these tips won’t really make a difference if you don’t appear genuine. In anything that you do, let your words and actions come from a real place. If you’re going to compliment someone, mean it. If you’re asking someone, ‘how are you?’ genuinely take the time to be interested. Make eye contact with the other person. If you’re looking to make new friends, it’s important to be open to random encounters and to be truly present in them.

Study Anywhere_Be helpful

Be helpful

If you see someone who is lost around campus or if someone appears to be ill, take the initiative to help him or her out. It doesn’t have to be a big move. The first step can be asking if he or she needs help with anything. It can be difficult for a person to ask for help, especially if it’s with someone he or she doesn’t know too well. So let them know it’s no trouble and that you’re willing to help!

Study Anywhere_Be lighthearted

Be lighthearted—don’t take yourself too seriously

In the initial stages of getting to know someone new, it can be good to keep things light and to even have some silliness or jokes in the conversation. When you appear lighthearted, it will help the other person to feel more comfortable around you. We all want to be around people who are positive and easy to be around.

Study Anywhere_Skip the small talk

Skip the small talk

At the same time, though, your conversations with someone new doesn’t necessarily have to be revolved around small talk about the weather or how your day went. If you feel comfortable enough, sometimes skipping the small talk can enable you to make new, and possibly more lasting, friends. You can ask them about their backgrounds, their interests and hobbies. You might find that the other person is willing to share simply because you asked.

Study Anywhere_Listen


With that, it brings us to the next and final tip, which is the importance of being a good listener. Most of my closest friends are amazing listeners, and I think this is a quality that you can’t find in just anyone. Everyone likes to be heard. And it’s easy to tell when someone isn’t really listening (we’re all guilty of that, am I right?). So being more conscious of listening whenever you’re speaking to a new acquaintance can attract new friendships into your life.


If following all these tips seems a bit daunting, just go with the flow when you meet someone new. The most important thing of all is to be yourself. The kind of person you are attracts the kind of people you become friends with, so just be you. You’ll meet the right people in due time and you might just surprise yourself with the new friendships that you make in a foreign place. They may just be your ‘home’ away from home.

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The article is written by Candice Locklee

Living in a city is exciting. There’s always something going on, the shops are open until late and the opportunities to meet new people are endless. But sometimes, you’ll find that some of the best adventures lay outside the city lights where nature is waiting for you to experience all of the many natural wonders that this country has to offer.

The region between South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales boasts a landscape of valleys, mountains, bushland, waterfalls and winding rivers. With a ton of National Parks, World Heritage sites and hiking trails to be explored, you’re spoilt for choice for those days when you’re feeling up for a different kind of adventure.

If you’re ready to leave the city behind and take a break from urban living, escape on a day trip to one of these places:



About 45 minutes from the busy Gold Coast, is a pretty little town called Tamborine Mountain that is located in the heart of the spectacular Scenic Rim region. Up in the clouds, you’ll feel like you’re the world away from the city and can easily spend a day enjoying the cafes, country lanes, wineries and peaceful atmosphere.

However, Tamborine Mountain is famous for its rainforests and no visit is complete without taking on one of the many hiking trails available. The Curtis Falls, Palm Grove Circuit, and Witches Falls walks are some of the most popular hiking trails on the mountain that will take you into the heart of the rainforests and surround you with native flora and fauna.

Tamborine Mountain Skywalk also offers the unique experience of being able to walk through the rainforest on bridges that will take you soaring over the top of the tree canopies and Cedar Creek rock-pools.

For those after the view, there’s a number of lookouts to choose from around the mountain that offer panoramic views of the Gold Coast and surrounding valleys – take your camera, the sunsets are spectacular all year round!


There is no general public transport from the Gold Coast to Tamborine Mountain, so be sure to plan ahead and either book a full day tour bus online or arrange your own transportation.



Mount Barney National Park is one of a number of National Parks in this region that showcases the beauty of the Gondwana Rainforests. Listed as a World Heritage area, the ancient Gondwana Rainforests stretch across a vast area in South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales and are home to many plants and animals that are both rare and endangered.

Mount Barney is a true Australian wilderness experience. Hikers are able to take one of the many tracks available and make their own way past rocky mountains, caves, creeks, sweeping valleys and subtropical rainforests.

Camping is common in the Mount Barney region and there are also guided opportunities to take the adventure to the next level by engaging in some rock-climbing, abseiling, lake paddling and horse riding to name a few.



The Natural Bridge is a popular tourist attraction set in the midst of the Springbrook National Park. After an easy walk through the stunning Gondwana rainforest, you’ll reach the Natural Bridge, a spectacular rock formation formed into the shape of a curved bridge by the powerful force of the waterfall over time.

You can walk down to the cave below and take some great photos of the water and sunlight hitting the green-blue pool beneath the bridge. If you choose to come at night, the cave becomes a wonderland of tiny lights from the many glow worms that have made the cave their home.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of Springbrook National Park while you’re here. There’s a multitude of walking trails, both guided and independent, that range from 300m to 54km in length so you can pick and choose according to your ability.

Study Anywhere_MOUNT WARNING


As you’re driving over the Queensland border into New South Wales, you may notice a distinctly crooked mountain peak looming on the horizon. Situated between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, Mount Warning has become a popular destination for adventurers looking for something a little more challenging than the average bushwalk.

The Mount Warning trail usually takes about 5 hours and will lead its hikers through some of the most captivating scenery of the region, including thick subtropical rainforest, heath shrublands, palm forests and a short rock scramble towards the top that will end in breathtaking coastal views from Byron Bay to the Gold Coast.

You don’t need to be a pro to take on Mount Warning, but you should be prepared for some strenuous effort. All ages attempt the climb and you’ll be sure to pass fellow hikers along the way that are quick to give you encouragement to the top.

For those who aren’t up for climbing a mountain in their spare time, don’t worry. There’s a number of short, easy walks through the palm forests to enjoy and picnic areas situated around the area for a more relaxing day in the sun.


Bring your own water and suitable footwear for climbing.
It’s advised to start this hike early in the morning so that you’ll have plenty of time to hike up, enjoy the view from the top, and make it back down before dark. Visitors should never attempt the mountain in the night as unseen obstacles and uneven ground makes it too dangerous.

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The article is written by Candice Locklee

So, you’re stressing out over studies and feeling overwhelmed about living in a new country. If you’re lucky enough to be on the sunny Gold Coast right now, what better way to unwind than to check out one of the Gold Coast’s diverse markets?
The Gold Coast boasts a large number of markets to be enjoyed at all times of the month, day and night. To help get you started, we’ve got 5 of the best markets on the Gold Coast to visit:

Study Anywhere_Surfers Paradise Market

Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets

In the heart of Surfers Paradise, the Beachfront Markets are a great option for those looking to combine their love of markets with the sand and surf. Stretching out along Main Beach, you can stroll past over 120 stalls selling everything from fashion, jewelry, food, art and one-of-a-kind gifts.

There’s plenty of bargains to be found if you care to look and you can usually expect some live entertainment that adds to the relaxed atmosphere. After you’re done, why not head across the road and into the heart of Surfers to experience all that this vibrant city has to offer?

Things to know:

Where: The Esplanade, Surfers Paradise

When: Every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, 4pm-9pm

Cost: free

For more info, check out their web page.
Study Anywhere_Carrara Markets

Carrara Markets

As Queensland’s biggest permanent market, Carrara is a must-see for anyone looking for a bargain. With over 400 stalls of fashion, art, accessories, beauty products, plants and furniture, souvenirs, tasty food and everything in between, you’re bound to find something to take away without breaking your budget. These markets are spread over a large area, so take your time to see it all. Carrara Markets is on every weekend, rain or shine, so there’s no excuse to not pop in and have a look around.

Things to know:

Where: corner of Manchester Rd and Gooding Drive, Carrara

When: Every Saturday and Sunday, 7am-3pm

Cost: free

For more info, check out their Facebook

Study Anywhere_Nightquarters

Nightquarter, Helensvale

Nightquarter is the Gold Coast’s biggest street food market where you can dine beneath the stars in an outdoor setting – it’s a lively multicultural experience with flavours from around the world.

From the healthy and organic, to the not-so-healthy but oh-so-delicious, Nightquarter has something for every appetite with its street food stalls, small restaurants and plenty of undercover communal dining areas where you can sit and eat with friends.

For those looking to spend a bit extra, Nightquarter also offers a good range of market stalls that sell a wide range of products from local designers. For those looking for great music, the Paddock is a popular live music venue situated on the grounds that showcases great artists from Australia and overseas.

Be sure to view the website first to check upcoming gigs and pre-purchase your tickets.

Things to know:

Where: 1 Town Centre Drive, Helensvale

When: Every Friday and Saturday

Cost: $3 entry fee per person

For more info, check out their website

Study Anywhere_Miami Marketta

Miami Marketta

For something a little cozier and laid back, try out the Miami Marketta. Popular with locals, this night market is tucked away in the industrial area of Miami and offers home-cooked street food, live music, and friendly people.

You can chill out beneath fairy lights and enjoy food from all parts of the world, with delicious savoury dishes served outdoors and a large undercover dessert hall. Long tables are provided for seating to create a real community vibe and make it easy to socialise with everyone around you while you sip on that Mojito and soak in the sounds of the live band.

As if that wasn’t enough, Miami Marketta is also a vibrant art space where up and coming designers open their boutiques for those looking to buy something a little different and support local talent.

Things to know:

Where: 23 Hillcrest Parade, Miami

When: Every Friday and Saturday, 4pm-11pm

Cost: free

For more info, check out their website

Study Anywhere_village markets

The Village Markets

What could be better than getting up early on a Sunday morning and heading to the trendiest market on the Gold Coast?Located in the fashionable Burleigh Heads, the Village Markets has become a haven for all bohemian beach babes and lovers of vintage chic. If you love locally handmade jewellery, art, fashion and accessories from emerging designers – this is the place to be.
You can wander through stalls packed full of quirky charm and pick up something special, from beach dresses and earrings to shoes and bohemian handbags. For those who are after pre-loved items, keep an eye out for the baskets full of vintage wear to grab a bargain.

There’s also a selection of healthy food stalls available if you get hungry. Bring a blanket and relax on the grass where you can listen to some local talent sing some tunes in the sun and enjoy the good vibes.

Things to know:

Where: Burleigh Heads State School Oval, 1750 Gold Coast Highway

When: First and Third Sunday of the month, 8:30am-1pm

Cost: free

For more info, check out their website


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The article is written by Loren Howarth

Even though the winter blues have hit, you can still grasp onto the last rays of sunshine at some of QLD’s most beautiful beaches. And while you don’t have to necessarily go for a surf, beaches are the perfect place to relax, exercise or even to just watch a picturesque sunset. But with 6,973 km of tropical coastline to choose from, the list of beaches to visit seems endless. Here are some of our favorites that will really make your jaw drop.

Study Anywhere_noosa beach

Noosa Main Beach, Sunshine Coast

Noosa Main Beach is one of the very few beaches along Australia’s coastline that faces north. This beach is home to gentle waves and glowing sands, with the famous Hasting Street shopping precinct only a few steps away. And if you’re feeling adventurous, this is also the best spot to take surfing lessons, as the water is calm and life guards are on duty all year round.

Study Anywhere_nudey beach

Nudey Beach, Fitzroy Island

Don’t be put off by the name, there are no legal nude beaches in QLD, so it’s perfectly fine for you to leave your clothes on. Although it is a bit of a trek to reach the beach, the 1.8km walk through the dense rainforest is well worth the view, with other lookouts also along the way. And once you’re there, you will think that you’ve been transported to a tropical paradise.

Study Anywhere_Burleigh heads

Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

Situated between the glamour of the north and the more relaxed vibes of the south, the beach at Burleigh Heads is not one to miss. Although this is one of QLD’s busier beaches in summer, you’ll be sure to find a nice spot on the sand, have a picnic and watch the sun go down behind the skyscrapers which line the coast from Broadbeach to Surfers Paradise.

Study Anywhere_surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise Beach, Surfers Paradise

A visit to QLD would be incomplete if you didn’t stop by to see the famous Surfers Paradise Beach. With rolling waves, high rise buildings and a bustling nightlife only minutes away, this spot has it all. If you are feeling brave you can take a swim, try whale spotting or go for a relaxing walk along this show stopping beach. And don’t forget to take a picture in front of this iconic sign! Best of all, with Study Anywhere you can study right on the beachfront.

Study Anywhere_Whitehaven beach

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands

With sparkling blue waters and irresistibly white sands, Whitehaven Beach is a real show stopper. You can choose to go for a walk along the beach, or better yet, why not see a birdseye view via helicopter? Pack a big lunch, some warm clothes, and your camera to capture once in a lifetime images. You can even camp on the beach if you’re looking for an overnight escape!

Interested in starting a new life in Australia? Why not try it right now and study at one of the coolest cities in Australia. For more information, feel free to contact Study Anywhere.

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