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This article is written by Candice Locklee

You’ve just arrived in this big, beautiful city and are ready to start your new life in Australia. You get off the plane, pass through customs, collect your luggage and leave the terminal – only to be faced with a whole bunch of options about how to get from the airport into Sydney’s CBD.

In a new country, it can be tricky to find the right choice of transport that will get you to and from the airport without doing too much damage to your budget.

Whether you’ve just landed or are set to leave on your next adventure, we’ve got you covered with the pros and cons of Sydney airport transfer options:

Study Anywhere_train


The Sydney Airport Link train can easily get you from the airport and into Sydney CBD in about 13 minutes. The best thing about this option is that the train runs from both International and Domestic terminals and leaves every 10 minutes – so you won’t be waiting too long if you happen to miss it the first time. It can also take you to over 300 stations in around central Sydney and surrounding suburbs.

If you plan on travelling between the Domestic or International airports and any of the central city stations, a one-way ticket will cost an adult $17.90.

It may not be the cheapest option, but the Airport Link train is fast, super convenient and an easy way to get you where you need to go.

 Study Anywhere_bus


Catching a bus is a popular choice when you’re short on cash and looking to save some money. The bus that passes through both International and Domestic terminals is the Route 400 bus from Burwood to Bondi Junction and it can get you to and from the Eastern suburbs of Sydney.

While this is a great budget option for those looking to save money, the downside is that the trip takes around an hour to reach the destination as it travels all around the suburbs before reaching the airport.

Sydney buses run on a frequent timetable, so make sure you check the NSW transport website for the most current information on prices and stops – https://transportnsw.info/#/

Study ANywhere_Taxi 


Taxis are plentiful at Sydney airport and are an easy option for those looking to step out of the terminal and get to their accommodation without any trouble. A one-way fare from the airport to Sydney CBD will cost you around $45-$55.

Of course, this price can go up or down depending on what time you decide to travel, the traffic and the distance to your final destination. The unpredictable cost of a taxi makes it an option that you should think about before you get in, especially if you’re travelling solo and are unable to split the fare.

A slightly cheaper option is Uber. A one-way fare from the airport to the CBD should cost you around $32-$40 if choosing the low-budget option of UberX or UberAssist.

 Study Anywhere_Shuttle


If you’re looking to avoid the trouble of walking with large amounts of luggage strapped to you, a shuttle bus is another great option. The KST Airporter is a popular pickup and drop off service that can take you from the airport to the front door of your accommodation and back again.

There’s a long list of venues around the CBD and surrounding suburbs that KST Airporter can get you to, so all you need to do is select your venue from the list on the website and pay for your ticket online.

Shuttle buses can really take the stress out of getting from here to there. The only potential downside is that you don’t know how long it will take to get to your destination as there could be other people to pick up and drop off around the city before your stop.

A one-way ticket from the CBD to the International airport will cost an adult $14. Visit their website to easily arrange a transfer and purchase your ticket – http://www.kst.com.au/
Study ANywhere_Opal


Buy an Opal card! As soon as you arrive in Sydney, you need to purchase an Opal card in order to use the public transport system. You can get them from the airport, stations, online and selected venues around the city. Just top up the card with the amount you need and you’re good to go.


If you’re travelling around Sydney on a Sunday, fares are $2.50 for all Opal customers using the train, bus, ferry and light rail. Check the website for more details – https://www.opal.com.au/

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