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This article is written by Alanna Tomazin

Living and studying abroad is not always cheap. Sometimes you might find it hard to be saving a bit of extra cash in your pocket. When there is constantly payments going out of your bank that you require living comfortably, it can sometimes be a struggle. To help you out we’ve come up with a few handy tips that might be worth your while when it comes to saving money and smarter shopping.

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Money Boxes
Now it might sound like a thing you would have done when you were a little kid trying to save some pocket money – but having a money box is actually a really fun and effective way to save those dollars. Simply find an old jar or you can purchase a cheap money tin from a discount store. You can decorate your money box however you desire, and the best way to make sure you don’t go picking out those unnecessary dollars from your savings is to put a little lock on there and hide the key in a special spot. Any spare change you have, just keep putting it in your money box – you will be surprised how much you can actually save over time from this little trick.

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Smart Shopping
Sometimes when you are doing your regular grocery shopping you will find that things can be quite expensive. Not to worry though, because there is an easy solution to finding bargains on the shelves. Check out the best places to shop below:

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If you are someone who loves bargains then you should definitely give shopping at ALDI a good go! ALDI is a discount supermarket and offers you with smarter shopping, giving you high-quality items at the lowest possible prices. That’s definitely what you want to hear!


Tip: Not only will you find cheap groceries here, ALDI also offers some great outdoor equipment, clothing, and other accessories, including household items.


If you like reduced prices then a trip to Coles later at night is for you! Coles usually have marked down salads, sweets, and savouries of a night time and this is a really great way to stock up for those late night nibbles you get.


Tip: If you are going to stock up on these insanely good treats for an insanely good price, just be sure to remember that the expiry dates on them are fast approaching. They usually last a day or two before you have to throw them out, which is why they become reduced in the first place. Just remember to shop smart!


Farmers Markets
Farmers markets are another great way to find cheap goodies. Most areas hold regular farmers markets on weekends. Here you can find farm fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables, as well as local wines and other delicious goodies – all for a great price.


Tip: If you are up for it, traveling around to different farmers markets in different areas could turn into a great day trip, so be sure to bring a few friends along for some market shopping fun!


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Extra Tips


  • If you’re living in shared accommodation, sharing bills as well as paying for groceries is an effective way to keep living comfortably on a budget. Be sure to split grocery bills equally to ensure there is fairness for everyone.


  • If you ever feel the need to grab dollars out of your money box be sure to evaluate whether you really need the money or if it is just for something you want. Only break into your money box if there is an emergency need for some cash.


  • When shopping at Coles or Woolworths buying the no-frills brands which are the brands provided by the companies can actually be cheaper than buying big brand name products. It’s always best to compare prices when shopping in supermarkets.


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