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The article is written by Taryn Feldmann

Need a getaway from city life – Kangaroo Island, located, 112 km southwest of Adelaide, is the perfect destination. It has beautiful scenery, many exciting activities and iconic Australia wildlife that other places won’t be able to offer.

Go hiking, take historic tours, enjoy coastal activities, and Australia’s iconic wildlife. With so much to do you certainly won’t be bored.

Getting there

There are two options – flight or by ferry. The flight is only 30 minutes from Adelaide, South Australia airport and the ferry is 45 minutes along. You can catch the ferry in Adelaide or Goolwa to Cape Jervis. Or check this link for useful information.


Things to do

Australia’s wildlife

Love animals? These two tours will be perfect for you – Seal bay and Kangaroo Island hire a guide and nocturnal tours, Kingscote.

Seal Bay

This is an unforgettable must do experience. The tour will lead you into their colony on the beach. It gives you a chance to witness them in their natural habitat. Many Instagram worthy memories of the seals and selfies of you and one in the background. Click for more useful info here.


Kangaroo Island hire a guide and nocturnal tours, Kingscote

Want a fun wild adventure? This tour is for you. It offers a four-wheel drive. There are a few options but for a better experience, the Flinders chase 4wd tour is the way to go.

It’s a tour where you’ll be able to see Kangaroo’s islands unique rock –  Admiral Arch, fur seals, echidna, Koala’s, and Kangaroo’s.

This action-packed tour will leave you breathless and with many worth Instagram pictures.


Coastal activities

Love the sea? These two tours will satisfy your adventure. They are a part of the Kangaroo Island ocean safari and they offer a 2-hour swim with dolphins/seals and coastal snorkelling.

You’ll be able to experience wild dolphins and seals up close and witness coastal sea life whilst snorkelling. This will be a once in a lifetime so be sure not to miss out.

Want to stay on the boat, the 75-minute ocean safari will perfect. Enjoy the scenery of the ancient coastline and the wildlife. Some animals you’ll be seeing: dolphins, seals, and whales if you’re lucky, as you’ll only be able to see them in season.

No matter what you fancy, these tours will leave you talking about it for days.

Historic tours

Want to learn more about Kangaroo Island’s history, this tour will be ideal – Cape Borda Lightstation Flinders Chase National Park

Learn about travelling with sails in an early era and how light keepers lived. It has a lighthouse, light keeper’s cottages, and a maritime museum.

You can personally read diary entries from early light house keepers and look around at Kangaroo island’s amazing history.

Want an even better experience, stay overnight in one of the cottages.



Love walking? Kangaroo Island offers a wide range of hiking trails for beginners and more experienced.

Want nice scenery and wildlife, the flinders chase national park is the location. There’s several walking trails, take a slow stroll and enjoy the iconic granite boulders, Remarkable Rocks, the Admirals Arch, beaches, wildlife and wilderness.


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The article is written by Loren Howarth

Australia has a bad reputation for dangerous and scary animals, but our country is also home to some of the cutest critters you’ve ever seen. And don’t worry, they won’t bite!

Study Anywhere_Kangaroo


Although Kangaroos are the largest marsupial in the world, they are one of the cutest Australian animals with their big brown eyes and soft and cuddly coat. This animal is also on the Australian coat of arms, symbolising our country’s progress as they are always moving forward and struggles to move backward due to the unusual shape of their legs and bulky tail. You can meet kangaroos in many zoos around Australia, as well as feed one! So don’t be frightened and make friends with this native.

Study Anywhere_Koala


You might have heard of drop bears, which is a hoax revolving around an imaginary animal designed to scare tourists. But have no fear, in the bushland or zoo, you will encounter the cute and cuddly koala! Although they are a bit smelly, it’s impossible to pass up a photo opportunity and a pat with these friendly tree hugging herbivores.

Study ANywhere_Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet

This friendly parrot is one of the most colorful and beautiful birds in the world, and are native to Australia. Although they spend most of the time in trees eating pollen, nectar, fruit seeds and insects, if you visit a wildlife park and have some bird seed in your hand, you might be lucky enough to have a visitor appear on your hand!

Study Anywhere_Dingo


Dingoes are wild canines found in Australia, and unlike dogs, they cannot bark but can only howl. This cute canine has unique paws like hands, meaning they could even turn door knobs. These animals can also be domesticated, although they are harder to train than other dogs due to their independence. But in popular tourist destinations like Fraser Island, these friendly creatures aren’t shy to come up and say hello!

Study Anywhere_Quokka


The quokka may just have to be the cutest animal you have ever seen! This cuddly creature is about the size of a cat, with a long skinny tail. Although they are commonly mistaken for rats, there’s no missing their adorable trademark smile. Quokkas are only found in the southwestern part of Australia on the island of Rottnest near Perth.

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